lundi 2 juillet 2012

Have a very happy summer holiday!

Next year Luxembourg II is moving to a new site.  Last weekend some of the class visited the new school building as there was an Open Day. 

This is what those who visited the school thought of the new building on the Open Day:

“It’s great.  It has a very big sports hall, playground and swimming pool.  Moving is exciting.” 

Words we used to describe the new school were: “super, fantastic, great, exciting, cool, good and fabulous.”

We wish all our readers a very happy summer holiday in English and in some of the other languages that we speak...

Guden ferine

God ferie

Bra semester

Bonnes vacances

Buone vacanze

Schöne Ferien

καλές διακοπές

Here is a famous saying from the medieval mystic and philosopher, Julian of Norwich.  Julian was a woman writing circa 1342 to 1416 about which very little is known.

All shall be well

Thanks to all readers thanks for reading our class blog.

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