jeudi 21 juin 2012

Blankenberge was cool!

We went to the Sea-life Centre.
We saw sharks, fish, octopuses and sea horses.
We went to Brugge and I visited the chocolate museum and the chip museum.
We went to the Seafront and to a submarine.
We went to the beach.  It was very beautiful.
We played on the beach.  It was a lot of fun!
The centre is very, very cool.
We drove go-carts next to the beach.
Blankenberge is very, very cool!!!!!!

By S and Coco

I went to the Sealife Centre hand I saw some fish.  We went to the sea and I saw some crabs.  We went to Zwin and we saw some birds.  I went to the sea front and I saw a submarine.  I went to Mini Europe and I saw the whole of Europe in miniature.


We went by coach over to Blankenberge.  First we went to see Mini Europe.  It was really exciting!!! There were lots of small houses at mini Europe.  All the houses had a button and when pressed the button down it played a song.  After that, we wanted to see more small houses, but we couldn’t because it was raining really hard, so we walked into the mini Europe shop.  There were lots of games.  It was fun!!  Than we walked out of the shop because we wanted to see more but again we couldn’t it was still raining so we ran to the bus.  Then we went to blankenberge.

By A

We went to the Sea life centre.  We played Mini golf.  We went to the Seafront.  We visited a submarine.  Once some girls, who were not from our school, went into the quicksand and they couldn’t get out.  Their boots are now somewhere in the sea off the coast of Zwin.

By Y and B

On Monday, we began our trip from school to Blankenberge.  We visited Mini Europe.  It was great!  I bought a magnet for my grandma.
On Tuesday we went to Brugge.  We visited the chocolate and the potato museum. We went for lots of walks in the city.
On Wednesday we went to the beach. In the afternoon we went to the Sea Front and we went inside in a submarine.
On Thursday we went to Zwin. Afterwards we went to the Sea Life centre.
On Friday we left Blankenberge.  I was happy and sad.                 

By Nancy

In Blankenberge, we went to Brugge.
In Brugge ,we visited the chocolate museum ,” Choco Story” and the chip museum.
In Blankenberge, we visited Zwin.
In Zwin, we visited a bird sanctuary.
In Zeebrugge, we visited the “Sea Front “
On the “Sea Front”, we visited a ship and a submarine.
75 people used to live and work on the submarine.
In Blankenberge, we went to “Sea Life Centre”.
In “Sea Life Centre” we saw lots of water animals.

By Percy

I liked the big party it was cool.
I just liked everything.
We saw some interesting birds at Zwin.

By T

On Monday, we visited Mini-Europe.
On Tuesday, we went to Sealife and we saw some fish, some sea birds and some big nests.
On Wednesday morning, we went to Brugge.
On Wednesday afternoon, we visited The Chocolate Museum and The Chip Museum
On Thursday, we went to the Seafront and we went to the sea.  We raced some racing cars and I played Beach Rugby.

By V and M

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