vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back after the holidays 
and welcome to  
year five.

We have a lovely new classroom in our beautiful new school!

This week we started learning about adverbs of frequency with some describing words.   

Introducing Charlie our class mascot:

We held a vote in our first lesson and decided to name our class mascot Charlie. We’re not sure what species he is, but he closely resembles a large sausage.

He was born in Indonesia and brought to Europe by a popular Swedish furniture manufacturing company.  Mrs Thorogood found him in Arlon, wanting a new home.

Here is a picture of Charlie relaxing in the Class Library.   

He’s sitting in (or perhaps on!) the more difficult to read fiction section of the library.   This contains novels by classic and contemporary authors.  
He is next to a picture of Tower Bridge in London.  The classic novels have been adapted for children and include some plays made into stories.  

 Charlie's good points are he's usually very helpful and he is musical.  His bad points are that he is shy and sometimes he isn't very tidy.

Next week we will be writing about our good and bad points from Unit One of our course book, Happy Earth 2 in class.

What are your good and bad points?

Coming soon....QUIZES on pop stars, bands and TV personalities!  Which bands do you like?  We're practising the past tense, personal pronouns and nationalities.

A picture of us in the 1970s

We were born in 1946 and 1949.   We were three brothers.  We were Australian.  We were born on the Isle of Man but we lived in Australia.  We started our musical band in 1958 when we were very young.  We were a very famous disco music group.  Mrs Thorogood likes us.  

Do you like them?  

Who were we?

This is what we looked like in the 1990s!

.............and introducingThe adventures of Charlie the Sausage......we think our class mascot escapes from school at weekends.  Where does he go and what does he do?  Is he going to go to Copenhagen perhaps......?

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