lundi 26 novembre 2012

Festivals in our country.

This week we're writing about Festivals in our countries.

The biggest "festival" in my country takes place in December. It's called Jul. This means Christmas in English. The "festival"celebrates Jesus` birth. At festival time some people dress up as Santa. Usually it's our parents. And then they give us presents. On the 24th of December we give each other presents. I think it's a very nice "festival".

By Dark Spyro

One festival in Germany takes place on the 11th November. 
It is called St Martin.
We celebrate his goodness.

The people walk in the streets with lanterns in the evening.

St Martin rides on a horse. He meets a poor frozen man on the road, takes his sword, cuts his coat and gives one part to him.

At the end the children eat milk bread in form of a little man.

By Mr Chang 

The biggest festival in my town, Drama, takes place in September.  

 It is called "Festival tenion mikrou mikous".   
This means "short film festival" in English.  The festival celebrates the art of cinema in Drama.   At the festival a lot of young directors from all over Europe present their short films and take their first steps in cinema.   Every year Drama comes to life as the artists make the city more beautiful and vibrant.   It is a free festival and a change for people to watch different short films.

By Nancy

This festival takes place in November .

It's called "La festa dei morti ".

This means "The day of the dead ".

The festival honours the memory of people who have died.

People dress up in black or normal clothes go to the cemetery to visit dead relatives.
By Dragon

The Grim Reaper

We all love Christmas. In my family, Christmas is very important. Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birth. We dress up as St Claus, but just with a red and white hat. People celebrate it like this: they stay at home and celebrate it with their family. St Claus comes to our house and puts the presents under the Christmas tree. In lots of countries, we eat a cake made of ice cream. In french it’s called a 'bûche'
Have a nice Christmas!

By Percy

Santa Claus is skiing!
Now we know what Santa does in his spare time :-)

The 6th December in Austria is an important and good day for all children. In the evening St. Nikolaus comes.  He’s not Santa Claus (Weihnachtsmann).
He is a bishop.  He has a big white beard and a red coat. St. Nikolaus  reads from a huge book the names of the children and if they were really well behaved, they get small gifts, nuts, fruits and sweets. 

Unfortunately, there are also the Krampus, scary devils with chains and rods who catch bad people and badly behaved children.   

Kids are a little bit afraid but boys have also fun showing their courage running behind the devils.  Fortunately the Krampus is afraid of St. Nikolaus.  He is much stronger and can drive away the Krampus. 

By M

In December the biggest festival is Christmas.
We celebrate Jesus Christ being born.
We dress up in nice clothes.
We dance around the Christmas tree and open presents.
There's no King or Queen.
The family enjoys themselves.

By Wendy

The biggest festival in my village takes place in December. It's called Christmas.
At festival time people don't wear a special costume.
They celebrate the birth of Jesus.  People eat special food.  They give presents to each other.
By M

A festival in my country is in December. It is called "Weihnachten".
It means Christmas and celebrates a Religious festival. The people dress up in normal clothes.
Most people go to church. People in church ring bells, sing and pray.


My festival takes place in February. It´s called Fastelavn. It celebrates fertility. People dress up in all kinds of costumes. People hit a barrel. We have 1 king and 1 queen. The king is the one who hits the barrel down, and the queen the one who hits the first piece down.

By A

In Spain, the 6th of January is very important because we celebrate when the Three Wise Men came to give things to Jesus. At night on the 5th January, we go to sleep and the three kings (Los Reyes Magos) leave presents for us under the Christmas tree. When we wake up we open our presents. The good children have presents, but the naughty children have coal. Then we celebrate with the family at home and we eat some "roscon" (a biscuit like a large doughnut).

By V

The biggest festival in my region is ‘Feast of the Artists’ in Chassepierre (Belgium).  For two days hundreds of international artists (clowns, musicians, acrobats, etc.) put on shows in the streets of the village. It’s really a family festival where the people sit on the floor or in the fields. I went this summer with my parents and my brother and we loved it!

By Vanille

mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Our favourite clothes.......

My favourite school clothes are hoodies, long-sleeved shirts and blue jeans. My hoodies have different colours like blue, grey and brown, one of the blue hoodies is my absolute favourite.

I prefer my dark green Converse shoes or some black ones. I have a brown leather jacket which I like very much.  Tomorrow, I´m going to wear a brown hoodie with blue jeans and black shoes.

By B
Thank you B for being our first contributor this week! 

My favourite clothes

My favourite sweatshirt is dark green.
It comes from New York.
My father brought it from there and it's written New York on it.
It has got a hood.
I also like wearing my dark blue jeans with it.
It looks cool!!!

By Mr Chang (formerly Y)

My favourite clothes for school are: a navy blue top, striped skirt, navy blue tights and brown boots.

For Halloween I would like to wear a white and bloody shirt with a black skirt and a hockey mask on my face to scare people.

By Flower

My favourite clothes are: a blue plain baggy, a white patterned t-shirt and a grey hat with a black thin line.
I don’t like trainers and boots, my favourite shoes are my beige walking shoes.

By Vanille previously known as L

My favourite casual clothes are:
One pink long-sleeved patterned top with a purple jacket and a tight blue jean with checked shoes.

By Nancy

My Favourite Clothes by T

My favourite clothes are jackets with a hoody, shorts, short-sleeved T-shirts and puma trainers.

 I like short-sleeved T-shirts like these:

The shoes I like are these ones:

For Halloween I want to put a monster costume on, and a monster hat. I also want a 2 m. long saw. The costume needs to be green and big with a baggy hat. The shoes need to be black and white!!

By  A