The Adventures of Charlie, our Class Mascot

Mr Chan (formerly Y) saw Charlie in France over the holiday:

I saw Charlie in France (in my granny's city:Tours).
He was sitting in a restaurant with another sausage.
I was very suprised and he didn't see me.

Later he went out of the restaurant and he took a taxi.
I followed him.
Then he went into a hotel.

Two days later he took a train back to Luxembourg. 
When he arrived, he went to our school.
Then he was sitting in the classroom as usual.

Lucky Charlie!!!

More news of Charlie from B........

Wasserbillig Acquarium

I saw Charlie in an Aquarium at Wassserbillig.  He swam there with beautiful, colourful fishes and a starfish.  He also swam with a dangerous moray and Kois.  Suddenly he went out of the pool through the glass.  Then Charlie went out of the Aquarium.  Now he went to the playground next to the Aquarium.  He rocked and built sand-castles.

The Sauer at the Luxembourg German border

Then we went to a river called the ‘Sauer’. Charlie walked after us the whole time. Finally we arrived at the Sauer where many swans were.  There must have been about thirty of them.
People fed them with bread and the swans thought that Charlie could be a "hot-dog".  Charlie was afraid of the big swans. He jumped quickly into the water and was never ever seen again. Or is he back in our classroom???

Breaking news......

Is Charlie really a secret agent?  Percy has evidence that he might be.........


We told you that Charlie the Sausage escapes from the classroom every week-end !
I haven’t told you another one of his adventures.
I saw Charlie on a picture in a magazine! He was in a bus visiting Luxembourg City. He was sitting on the back seat. That’s so impressive, isn’t it? I think that Charlie is a secret agent.

By Percy !!! 
Thank you Percy.

The mystery of Charlie continues...........Dragon has more news for us........

I saw Charlie in Belgium.  He was eating chips.
When he finished he went into Orval cathedral.

In the evening, he went to IKEA to say hello and goodbye to his friends and for dinner he ate the famous swedish meatballs then he came back to class.

Love those Swedish meatballs.....and the all important question: does Charlie have mayonnaise or ketchup with his chips? We will probably never know.

Charlie was even spotted on a cruise ship last summer.......

Last summer I saw Charlie on a cruise ship. He looked at me. I also saw him in the restaurant he was eating ice cream with lots of toppings . I wonder how he got off and on the ship.  It's impossible. I suspect that he was just there for the food.  Everywere he travels, he is always seen eating.  I never saw him at the pool.

By M
Thank you M!

Charlie is a colourful, giant sausage who lives in our classroom.  He was born in Indonesia and brought to Europe.  Mrs Thorogood found him in Arlon and he is now our class mascot in our new school.

However, we think he has a secret life!  Perhaps he escapes at weekends....last weekend Dark Spyro went to Copenhagen with his Father and he thought he saw Charlie there, but maybe he didn't......

Did Charlie go to Copenhagen?
This is Dark Spyro's report:
Last weekend my father and I were in Tivoli in Copenhagen. In Tivoli we had lots of fun. But when we passed the Golden Tower, I saw a very colourful thing and it looked like Charlie. 

Tivoli in Copenhagen

I asked my father “Dad, do you see the same colourful thing as I do?”. 

My father answered “Dark Spyro, you’ve been riding too many roller coasters”. 

When I heard that I thought “Oh well… I guess it´s just me, maybe it was a security guard”. 

The following Monday I went to my English class and I looked at Charlie and I'm sure he winked at me!
Thank you Dark Spyro.  

What do you think?
Does Charlie escape at weekends?  Did he go to Copenhagen?  Are there any security guards that dress like Charlie?  Has Dark Spyro been riding on too many roller coasters?

The mystery of Charlie continues.
Here's the latest report from Dragon.....

The Colosseum in Rome
"At the weekend, I saw Charlie in Rome……

He was jumping, here and there and he entered the Colosseum and he climbed on a statue!

When he finished visiting the Colosseum, he took a plane and he came back to the class."

WOW!  Was Charlie REALLY in Rome?  Did he climb on a statue?  Does he have a secret undercover job as an international spy?

More news of Charlie coming in!
This time from T who cycles to school every day.....

"The other day I went on my bike to school and when I was half way I saw Charlie. 

Is this Charlie's tricycle?
He had a little red bike with three wheels and he wasn't very fast.  He didn't say a word but I think he was on his way to school. When I arrived at school he was gone but then I saw him in the English class."

How did he get there so quickly?


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