Charles Dickens: an English writer

Unit 3
Happy Earth: Professions

We are studying different 'professions' or jobs in English. We are learning how to write about daily chores and we are reading about famous historical figures as part of our work from Happy Earth.  We are also doing a project on Charles Dickens, a famous English writer.

Dickens was one of the first writers to write about a child as his main character in the novel, 'Oliver Twist'.

We are going to watch a film of one of Dickens' novels, called: 'A Christmas Carol'.  This is possibly his most famous work.

Newpaper styletrivia quiz, daily quotes taken from Dickens' work and more......

A past tense question:  Did you know that 2012 is Charles Dickens bicentenary year?  He was born in 1812.  This is now two hundred years ago- or two centuries ago (bicenturies).

Click on the weblink below to find some games, trivia quizes and more information out about Charles Dickens......

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