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Our favourite dinosaurs

Last week we learned the simple past tense and we wrote about our favourite dinosaurs.  These are our favourite dinosaurs…

The pterodactyl was a flying dinosaur.
It ate meat (fish).
It didn’t like plants.
It had sharp claws and a long beak.
It had big wings.
The pterodactyls’ legs were small.
It liked to be high over the ground.
It wasn’t a scavenger.  

By Catstein Junior

The pterodactyl couldn’t run. It could only fly. It had big sharp teeth. It ate fish. It wasn’t a scavenger. It didn’t eat plants. It had a strong neck.  

By T

My favourite dinosaur is named "WANNA".
His full name was Wannanosaurus.
It was a small Dinosaur, less than 125cm tall and less than 21kg in weight.
He could run at 50kph, especially when being chased by a T-Rex!
By B


The dinosaur I have chosen is called velociraptor. It had many teeth that were very sharp. It ate other dinosaurs. It had sharp claws on its hands and feet. It was brown and hairy, but its face was red with black stripes. It had a long face and head. It wasn't very big, but was still very dangerous. 
By G

Here is my favourite dinosaur
Name : Diplodocus

The name of the dinosaur is "diplodocus".
He lived about 150 Million years ago.
He liked eating the tops of trees.
He was 11 Jatoms tall (head up) and his weight was 400 Jatoms.
He had many teeth and disliked toothaches!
By Y

Brachiosaurus by Percy

Brachiosaurus was a massive plant-eating dinosaur that lived in the late Jurassic period (156 to 145 million years ago), and may have survived even until 140 million years ago, into the early Cretaceous period. Brachiosaurus fossils have been found in North America and Africa (although some scientists argue that the African variety should be classified into a separate genus, which they call "Giraffatitan"). The very first example of the animal was discovered by Elmer S. Riggs in Grand River Canyon, western Colorado in 1900.

Of all the land animals for which a complete skeleton exists, Brachiosaurus is the largest and heaviest. An average Brachiosaurus was 75 feet (22.9 meters) long, 41 feet (12.5 meters) tall, and weighed 89 tons (almost three times the weight of

Brachiosaurus was unusual among dinosaurs, in that its front legs were longer than its hind legs. This, together with its very long neck, gave Brachiosaurus the ability to eat foliage at the top of trees as high as 40 or 50 feet (12.2 to 15.2 meters) above the ground.

The Allosaurus lived 146-135 Million Years ago.
It weighted up to 2tons.
It could be up to 12m long and 5m high.
It had 3 long claws.
It was scary.

By Flower

My Dinosaur, 
My favourite dinosaur is ALLOSAURUS.
ALLOSAURUS was 11 metres long and 2 metres tall.
It moved slowly. It had a big brain!  It lived 156 millions years ago.

By Coco

My favourite dinosaur is the T-rex. The T-rex had sharp claws. It had sharp teeth. It ran fast. It didn’t have wings. It couldn’t fly. It had a big mouth. It had long legs and short arms. It’s my favourite dinosaur because it was the king and strongest of all. Be careful because it might eat you!!! 

By V 

T.rex  was a  huge  meat eating  dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous Period, 85 million to 65 million years ago. T.rex lived in a humid, semi-tropical environment. T.rex was the biggest known carnivorous dinosaur: Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus are slightly bigger.

By Nancy

My blog
About dinosaurs

My favourite dinosaur is t-rex! It was big and strong. It had big and strong legs. It ran very fast. The t-rex ate meat and killed other dinosaurs!
It lived on earth 70 million years ago!......

By A

My favourite dinosaur is the pterodactyl.  It had two wings and a long neck and strong front legs.  It ate meat.  It could fly but it couldn't swim.

By Dragon

Stegosaurus had a little brain.  He had some spikes and he walked very slowly.  He couldn't fly.  He ate plants.  He was a herbivore.  He couldn't run fast and he wasn't tall.  He died a long time ago.
By Al

My favourite dinosaur is 15 metres long.
It lived in Egypt with the Aegyptosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and the Paralititan. The spinosaurus  was bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

By Wendy

The Triceratops
The Triceratops lived 68 to 65 million years ago Its head was 2 m long. It had three horns and one large bony frill.  It walked on four legs.

By L

I like triceratops because it had a very strange face with three horns, one above its parrot-like toothless beak and two longer horns (over 1 metre long) above its eyes. It looked like a rhinoceros and its skull was almost one third of its body length, up to 3 metres long, one of the largest skulls of any land animal ever discovered!
It also had a large bony plate seeming to get loose from the back of its skull.
Triceratops were one of the most dangerous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period but they walked relatively slowly and it was easy for T-Rex to hunt and eat them!

By S

Did you know… ?
Recent studies asked the question : was the T-Rex a predator or a scavenger ? A display at the Natural History Museum in London suggested that it couldn’t have been a predator because its front legs were far too short to catch prey.  It must have eaten animals which had already been killed by something else.  What do you think ?

We asked the question, “Why did the dinosaurs die out?”

Some scientists think that there was a large meteorite that hit the Earth.  This was a bit like a huge bomb exploding and then there was a lot of dust which caused plants to die and the climate to change.

Some of Year 4 think the dinosaurs died because there was a million years of darkness after a big volcano exploded. 

If something changed the weather and there were no plants for the herbivores to eat, they died from starvation.  This means that then the carnivores also died out, as there were no herbivores for them to eat. This is called the food chain.  It's possible that the change in the environment broke the food chain. L 

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