vendredi 27 avril 2012

We made a volcano in class

Krakatoa in Indonesia

In class this week we learned about volcanoes.  We found out what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar.  We made a model of a volcano and we saw how magma (hot liquid rock) flows out of the crater at the top of a volcano.

This is a report about a science experiment we did in class written by two pupils:   

Yesterday we made our own volcano.
First Mrs Thorogood built a cardboard volcano on a paper plate round a small plastic bottle and brought it to school.
Then we filled the bottle with baking soda.
Then we added some red food colouring to the baking soda so it looked like lava.
Then we added vinegar to the (red) baking soda.
At the final step we watched our volcano erupt.
That was awesome!

We also invited the Greek 3rd year class and they joined us to watch the eruption.

Written by T (also now known as Dark Spyro) and Catstein Junior
from the Danish section

Here is a diagram of a real volcano:

Pedagogical note:
We learned the new vocabulary from our class books.  These contain some cognates from our own languages.  We studied a diagram and read about a volcano erupting.  We followed the instructions using the indicative tense in English then we wrote up the experiment, putting the indicative into the simple past.

jeudi 26 avril 2012

Poems about the four seasons

Last week, on Friday, we wrote some poems about the different seasons in the year and had fun with words in English.  We learned about how words have a rhythm and rhyme.  We learned how to count syllables in English.  Most of us have already studied poetry from our own language section lessons (or home language lessons).  This helped us to understand what a poem is in English.   This is a way in which we are exploring different genres of writing in English. 


Beautiful flowers grow
and baby animals run.
It’s so warm in the sun.
Look here, look there….
It’s Spring for people everywhere!

By Dragon

I love spring ´cause the flowers come out,
and some birds come back and sing aloud.
I don´t need gloves or scarf or a cap.
The Easter rabbit hides chocolate eggs.
The sun shines bright and it´s warm outside.

By B


The sun goes away
And the leaves are on the way
Autumn is here!



The summer, I love her
On the beach, I can sleep.
We have sun.  It's such fun
It never snows and
It's never cold!

by Coco

The rain is sleeping
and the sun is fun.
The desert is hot.
I like summer a lot!


In summer we have
fun in the sun.

We play on the beach
and we eat ice-cream.

Look!  Someone’s fishing fish
in the sea.

By Nancy


The snow falls slowly,
it's cold,
I hold snow in my hand.
The ice is nice.
The moon is full.

By Y

Cold like old
Ice like mice
In the snow, here I go.
Snow on my hands and my toes froze!

By L

Poems for all Seasons

The mice are under the ice.
The king died in spring.

By Babacar (who worked with M)

Inter plays in the winter.
The mice are under the ice.
The king died in spring.
In July the birds fly.

By M (who worked together with Babacar)