mardi 20 décembre 2011

A Review of Chicken Run

This week we watched a film called “Chicken Run”.

The film is about some chickens who try to escape from a farm.  They are being fattened up to be made into chicken pies by the evil owners of the farm, Mr and Mrs Tweedy.  An American Rooster called Rocky helps them to escape when he accidentally arrives at the farm.  It is an adventure story and a romance as Rocky falls in love with one of the chickens.  Her name is Ginger.  It is also a comedy with a lot of jokes in it.

The film was made and produced by the same people who made the Wallace and Gromit series of films using little models.
Most of the class really liked the film.  A few of us wrote that we loved the film and only one person didn’t like it. 

Words we used to describe the film were excellent, funny and interesting, great, fantastic, exciting, surprising and well made. 

Most of us had a favourite part of the film.  These were the chickens dancing, the chickens flying their home-made aeroplane and the part when Mrs Tweedy fell out of the plane trying to recapture the chickens.   A lot of us also liked the part when the chickens escaped and found a new life in a bird sanctuary.

Most of us would recommend the film to our friends but some of us were not sure.

Today after we wrote our reviews we did some carol singing in English.  We are learning how to ask and answer questions and we are beginning the past tense.  We have lots of work to do in 2012!

We wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and happiness for the New Year!

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