vendredi 16 mars 2012

Springtime in Luxembourg. Last week we wrote some riddles...

Springtime in Luxembourg.

This week Spring has started to arrive in Luxembourg.  We saw and heard birds migrating northwards from the southern hemisphere.  The sun shone and the temperature is a little higher.  The days are getting longer and lighter.  Everyone is smiling more and we are looking forward to seeing the azure skies of summer and more bright green leaves.

Here are some riddles for fun using adjectives and adverbs….

Pronounced as one letter but written with three, only two different letters are used to make me.
I'm double. I'm single. I'm black, blue, and grey.

I'm read from both ends and the same either way.

Sent in by V.

A puppy (a baby dog)

I can smell and run very well.
I can’t roar very well.
I can’t fly.
I can move well and swim in water.
Who am I?

I’m a dog.                   
By Coco 

I walk slowly but a can also run very fast. I’m very big.
I’ve got a big nose called a trunk.
Who am I?

By M

I am small.  I run quickly.  I eat mice.  I have a tail.  I am lots of different colours.  
Who am I? 
By Babacar
A kitten and two ducklings

I'm little
I walk slowly
I have long eyes
Who am I?

By Dragon

I'm big and
I have a long nose.
Who am I?

By Dragon

I'm a bird, but
I can't fly now tell me
Who am I?

By Dragon

I can swim well.  I can jump high.  I can’t run fast.  I can’t fly.  So tell me who am I?
I’m the dolphin.   
By Nancy

I love to eat bamboo and I am a very big animal.  I live in China.  I can’t swim well but I can run well.  I am black and white and I walk on my four legs.  I live in the forest.  I love sleeping but I can’t fly.  I am...

I am a panda!!!!!!!!!!!
By Percy.


I fly very high.
I sing beautifully.
I’m yellow and white.
I can’t swim very well.
Tell me now, who am I?

I’m a canary.   
By T

I can jump very high. I am brown and grey.
I can’t fly. I can’t run very well.
Tell me now, who am I?

I am a kangaroo.
By B

I jump high.
I run fast.
I am heavy.
People ride on me.

I’m a horse.
By Wendy

I'm white.
I can't fly.
I can run very fast.
I have black fur.
I have sharp teeth.
Who am I?

A snow leopard
By Y   

I’ve got a black mask.
I eat leaves.
I am good at climbing.
I can’t fly but I can swim.
So tell me, who am I?

By Catstein Junior
Answer: racoon

I’m big and strong.  I’m from the monkey family. 
Who am I? 

I’m little and I’m brown and white. People are dangerous to me!
Who am I?

I’m the biggest mammal in the world and I swim very well.
Who am I?

By A

An Elisabethan Morris dancer or clown
Springtime in England

Morris dance is a form of English folk dance usually accompanied by music.  This is often but not always, a violin, commonly known as a fiddle. The dance is based on rhythmic stepping by a group of dancers who stand in a certain formation (often in two lines facing each other). Sticks, handkerchiefs and even swords may be held by the dancers and used in the dance.  It usually takes place in springtime or early summer – around May Day or early June.
Morris men dancing with a traditional English 'pub' (public house or tavern) in the background

From the land that gave the world the Rolling Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd and the Beetles also come Morris men….

Morris men and Morris dancing were forbidden during the puritan Protestant government following the English revolution but were allowed again when the English monarchy was restored under Charles II. 

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