vendredi 30 mars 2012

Earth Savers News: A report from Nancy

Nancy’s Dad
My Dad’s name is Ioannis.  He was the president of one non-governmental environmental organisation in our home town, in Greece.
Did you like being a member of an ecological organisation in Greece?
Yes, it was a very nice experience.
What did you like doing best?
I  liked  that  I  did  something  voluntarily, without  pay, which  was  useful  for  the  environment  and for people.
Were  you  satisfied  with  this  activity?
When we reached at our goals, yes, I was very satisfied.
If you were to do something similar in Luxembourg, what would it be and why?
Luxembourgish people seem to care enough about the environment. The only thing they overdo is the huge consumption of lots of products. This bad habit creates several problems in nature. So I would try to change something in this area and encourage people to consume less.

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