mercredi 15 février 2012

Stormbreaker: The Film

Our class watched a film called ‘Stormbreaker’.  This is what we thought of the film.  We practised writing the past tense in English and we used lots of adjectives to describe the film.

Did you like the film?

Everyone liked the film a lot.  We thought it was funny and exciting.  It was full of drama and action.  We thought it was interesting.  It was an adventure movie and there was a lot of danger.

Which parts of the film did you like best?

Everyone liked different parts of the film best.  Some of us just liked the whole film.

Jack - the Housekeeper
‘My favourite part of the film was when Jack (the housekeeper) fought with the blond woman who worked for Mr Sayle’ wrote Nancy.  ‘My favourite part of the film was when Sabine (Alex’s girlfriend) kicked the security guard!’ wrote Flower.

B liked the part when Alex’s Uncle was shot by Yassen Gregorovich who was hanging upside down from a plane at the time.

Ian Rider - Alex's Uncle

Several of us liked the bit where Yassen Gregorovich shot Darrius Sayle and saved Alex’s life.

M liked it when the rather fat Prime Minister called Darrius Sayle by his nickname Darrius Smell!

Who was your favourite character in the film?

Most of us liked Alex the best because he was brave, young, strong and very cool.  Wendy liked Mr Blunt best, the head of MI6, because he was funny.

Catstein Junior liked Alex, his Uncle and Yassen Gregorovich best and Nancy liked Jack best, because she was smart, she could fight really well and she was clever.

Editor’s Comment

I like the way that Anthony Horowitz doesn’t make his characters all good or all bad.

This is particularly true of Yassen Gregorovich.  Yassen is paid to kill Alex’s Uncle but saves Alex’s life because he likes him.  He sees a reflection of his younger self in Alex.  He also wants to set Alex free from the world of spying, where you have to kill or be killed to survive.  

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