mercredi 15 février 2012

Some of us visited Lux Expo!

Lux Expo is an exhibition centre where they have lots of different exhibitions during the year. 

Two of us wrote about it in our English class.  We practised the past tense in English.

At the weekend I went to Lux Expo.  There were snakes, spiders, alligators, baby and giant turtles, albino snakes, pictures of a friendly snake and a snake with two heads.  I saw it all.  It was very exciting but there were almost no lights because of the animals.  At the end, I held a 3 metre long tiger python snake.  It was very heavy.

By T

When I went to Lux Expo, I saw the Dog Expo. There were so many dogs!  You could see big or small dogs.  It was super!!  I love dogs.  My favourite dogs are golden retrievers.  Some of the dogs did tricks but we only watched them.  We didn’t hold any of them.

By Percy

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