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Charlie's Great Grandfather's Adventures on the Titanic

In our classroom 
we have a large sausage called Charlie.

His Great Grandfather, James the Sausage, sailed on the Titanic!  Wow.

Everyone has written the story of James on the Titanic.

 We're also practising using the simple and continous past tenses.

A Love Story
by Nancy
Charlie's Great Grand-father, James was travelling to New York for business. He sailed on the Titanic. This is his story. When he found his cabin he went into the restaurant. In the restaurant he met a very pretty sausage, Nicki and they fell in love.

 On the fourth night of the voyage were in James's cabin when the Titanic hit an iceberg. Quickly they ran onto the deck and they climbed in to a lifeboat. The Titanic was sinking. Suddenly they heard a loud noise and the ship broke in two. After one hour, one ship called Carpathia pulled the survivors into a large bag. When James arrived in New York he married Nicki.

A Tale of Espionage and Surprise


James The  SAUSAGE

(Charlie `s great grandfather: James Sausage, sailed on the TITANIC.

This is his story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James was travelling to New York, to stop people eating sausages.
He was reading a cook book, so he could make sausages, when the train stopped. James saw the giant titanic!!!! He walked slowly onto the giant Titanic, and James saw lots of things. It took over a sausage hour to find his cabin, but at last he did find it. James had lunch when the giant Titanic started to sail. When he was in the restaurant, a sailor served some SAUSAGES. James thought. I don’t want to eat that, I don't want to eat that, I don´t want to eat that, he thought again that he wanted to eat people but he couldn't. He walked up again to his cabin, and he was very tired so in 1 sec, he was in sleep, but in 2 min, he woke up again. He heard a loud noise, when James opened his cabin door; he saw lots of people running? He thought that they had seen a ghost. He asked why everybody was running to the stairs, but nobody answered. Now they were waiting at the deck to climb into the life boats. Now James heard a sailor shouting: women and sausages first, but not all people in Titanic thought about that, they were just pushing, to climb into life boats. It was lucky that James did come in a life boat, he was very scared. He saw back and he saw TITANIC the giant ship…………..was sinking. Suddenly he heard a louder noise, and now the Titanic………..broke in 2. Two hours later, he slept and when he woke up, he saw lots of policemen come to the hospital. The last thing he heard before he died was: Hey you take that sausage to the hospital, NOW.
5 months later did James woke up from the dead……………………

A Culinary Tale of Spies and Sausages...
By Catstein Junior
(who's reading 'The Killer Underpants' from the Class Library)

Charlie’s Great Grandfather was a secret agent. His name was Sausage, James Sausage. He sailed on the Titanic to go on a mission. This is his story:

James was reading his mission when the train stopped. He was lying on the bottom of the sausage bag, in the food wagon. He couldn’t see the Titanic, but he thought “she” was big. James could feel they we’re coming aboard. Now, his mission was to stop “The Bad Potato” also called “T.B.P.”.

“T.B.P” wanted to kill all the food in the kitchen, and show the humans that potatoes we’re better than sausages, and other food. But James had to stop him. James had agent number 004. 00 means he has licence to cook! His weapons we’re kitchen tools. His secret weapon was “The Killer Saucepan”.

But instead of cooking the food with “T.K.S.”, he smashed the food with it. And a potato was easy to smash.

Well let’s go back to what’s happening now. The bag opened and some sausages we’re taken up. All the other sausages could hear their screams when they we’re grilled to death. The humans couldn’t hear them. They just continued cooking the poor sausages.

 At night James sneaked out of the bag. He was looking for the potato bag. There it was, in the corner. He was sneaking around the bag when he got attacked by to serviettes. They we’re working for the “Serviette Union”. They took him to their boss. He was the captain of the ship. The serviettes folded around James. The captain stretched his arm and picked up James. He was putting James in the mouth when the phone was ringing. James fell on the floor with to serviettes around him. He was fighting to get them of. They we’re keeping his head down, so he used his backend. He did a back flip. Then he ran down to the kitchen. He found a place we’re he could hide. He was watching the potato bag. He stayed there for three nights. At the fourth night “T.B.P” came out of the bag. James had a saucepan ready.

Some carrots we’re talking, the first said “I heard that the ship can’t sink”. Then the second said “It can’t be an iceberg”. A few seconds later they started again, “It was an iceberg”, “The ship is sinking”. James had to think fast. He threw the saucepan…..oh no, he missed. James took “T.K.S” because it always brought him luck. He threw it…… yeah, bulls eye!

Now James took his walkie talkie and called his colleague on the Carpathia. His colleague was coming in a lifeboat. His colleague’s name was Carl the cucumber. James wasn’t fast enough to come with Carl. So he ran as fast as he could, to the human’s lifeboats. He was fast enough to jump in the last one. And he survived.

And that was the story of James Sausage.

What did James Sausage do when the boat sunk?

On Wednesday 10th April 1912, James Sausage, the great-grand father of Charlie,  waited to embark in the Titanic. When he was embarked, he found his cabin after an hour. In his cabin, he started to write a letter to his wife. When he finished writing, the Titanic started. On the fourth night on board of The Titanic. He woke up and heard:
He was in panic. He took is bag and he wore his clothes. After 10 minutes of waiting, he heard:
The Titanic was sinking. When the lifeboats returned, all the people were dead.
All, but one person had survived. And this person was James. They found him and helped him to embark. After, he slept a little. A metallic sound woke him. When he woke up, he saw a big boat. It was ‘The Sausages’ companies. The boat rescued all the lifeboats. James was scared but he was lucky.
And after 2 months, we saw him. He had opened a Restaurant in New-York. The name of the
Restaurant is:

By Yoko Stylist (who was Flower and has changed her pen name)

The famous adventure of James Sausage

Charlie's Great Grandfather, James Sausage, sailed on the Titanic. This is his story.

It was a Friday. He was reading a newspaper when the carriage stopped. He looked through the window when he saw the big ship: it was the Titanic.
He jumped out of the carriage and ran to the Titanic because he was late.
Fortunately he arrived on time! 
The Titanic was very big: there were four little swimming pools, a big restaurant, and many, many rooms...
After three hours, he found his cabin and he went swimming in one of the swimming pools.
Then he returned to his cabin. After some rest he put on the new clothes he'd just bought for travelling and went to the restaurant to have a good dinner. There he met some people, talked with them while eating and they decided to play cards together before going to bed. At the end of the evening he was tired and it was about midnight when he went back to his cabin to sleep.
Suddenly he fell down his bed and heard a lot of voices: "There is a big iceberg just in front of us! It is enormous!"
Then he ran out of his cabin but fell and hurt his arm. But he continued.
Two men took him on a lifeboat. 
A lot of men, women and children getting into the lifeboats when the Titanic broke in three parts and sank. 
A lot of people didn't have time to get in the lifeboats and some of them jumped in the cold water.
Fortunately some time later two boats came and saved the people that were in the lifeboats and some others who were in the water near the ship and who were trying to join the lifeboats.
James Sausage was alive! What an extraordinary story to tell to his children and friends!  

By Coco

Charlie's greatgrandfather and the Titanic

Charlie was waiting for his greatgrandfather James in a tea-room.
One hour later he arrived.

James came to explain the story of the Titanic to Charlie.
He was on it when the ship broke in two.
He explained to Charlie that when he woke up, he pushed the door and everyone was running outside.
He told Charlie how many people wanted him to go back with the lifeboat to rescue more people.

Two hours later Charlie and his greatgrandfather went home.
In Charlie's car James also said that explorers found some things in the Titanic under water.
Then Charlie stopped the car and his greatgrandfather went home.
It was a beautiful day for Charlie and James!

By Mr Chang

The explosive (?) TITANIC

Charlie's Great grandfather, James Sausage, sailed on the Titanic. This is his story. James was reading a book, when the train stopped. He looked out and saw a huge ship. It was the Titanic. When he embarked, he was hungry. It took him 20 minutes to find a restaurant. But he loved the food. 15 minutes later the ship started. After 40 minutes he found his luxurious cabin. It was a big room with a big and bouncy bed. He also found a big food-chamber. He fell into a deep sleep. But then 4 hours later he heard a sudden CRACK!! He fell on the floor. But when he opened his cabindoor, everyone was rushing towards the stairs. Everyone was panicking and some were shouting: we're under attack, we're under attack! But they weren't under attack. Someone had planted explosives on the ship... THE END?

By Dark Spyro


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