mercredi 20 février 2013

Sea Creatures Quiz

This week we are learning comparative adjectives.  Here is a quiz by year 5 about sea creatures. 

What do you know about creatures of the deep?

A giant Octopus

Which is more dangerous: a Pacific giant octopus or a shark?

A Great White Shark

Which is faster a white shark or a walrus?

Which is harder a lobster or a swordfish?

By Mr Chang

Which is the most poisonous creature in the sea?

Which is more dangerous: a shark or a hungry walrus?


Which is more beautiful a killer whale or a jelly fish?

By M

Which is heavier: a blue whale or a lobster?

By M

Which is harder: a whaleshark or a giant clam?

Which is more intelligent: an intelligent killer whale or a dolphin?

Which is bigger: a giant sea lion or a small blue whale?

By V

Which is bigger: a walrus or a killer whale?

Which is heavier: a blue whale or 24 elephants?

Is there something there is more poisonous than a blue ringed octopus in the water?

By A

Which is the funniest: a lobster, a shark or a dolphin?

Which is the most dangerous: surfing, snorkelling or scuba diving?

By Coco

Can an octopus have 10 arms?

Which is more dangerous, a lazy killer whale or a lazy walrus?

Which is more poisonous, a blue ringed octopus or a stonefish?

By Catstein Junior

Which is harder: a Giant Clam or a normal Clam?

Answer: A Giant Clam.

From Wendy

Which is easier: wind surfing or scuba-diving?

Answer: scuba-diving.

From Wendy

Which is more intelligent, dolphin or walrus?

Which is more dangerous, giant clam or jellyfish?

Which is more funny, jellyfish or sea lion?


By Dragon



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