mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Our favourite clothes.......

My favourite school clothes are hoodies, long-sleeved shirts and blue jeans. My hoodies have different colours like blue, grey and brown, one of the blue hoodies is my absolute favourite.

I prefer my dark green Converse shoes or some black ones. I have a brown leather jacket which I like very much.  Tomorrow, I´m going to wear a brown hoodie with blue jeans and black shoes.

By B
Thank you B for being our first contributor this week! 

My favourite clothes

My favourite sweatshirt is dark green.
It comes from New York.
My father brought it from there and it's written New York on it.
It has got a hood.
I also like wearing my dark blue jeans with it.
It looks cool!!!

By Mr Chang (formerly Y)

My favourite clothes for school are: a navy blue top, striped skirt, navy blue tights and brown boots.

For Halloween I would like to wear a white and bloody shirt with a black skirt and a hockey mask on my face to scare people.

By Flower

My favourite clothes are: a blue plain baggy, a white patterned t-shirt and a grey hat with a black thin line.
I don’t like trainers and boots, my favourite shoes are my beige walking shoes.

By Vanille previously known as L

My favourite casual clothes are:
One pink long-sleeved patterned top with a purple jacket and a tight blue jean with checked shoes.

By Nancy

My Favourite Clothes by T

My favourite clothes are jackets with a hoody, shorts, short-sleeved T-shirts and puma trainers.

 I like short-sleeved T-shirts like these:

The shoes I like are these ones:

For Halloween I want to put a monster costume on, and a monster hat. I also want a 2 m. long saw. The costume needs to be green and big with a baggy hat. The shoes need to be black and white!!

By  A 

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